Just in Time Development

Stickiness is Key

Client Challenge: "We noticed in our Talent Management and Organisational Development team that we don’t have access to just-in-time training. When individuals need help with something, they need it now and not in a few months’ time. We need to find a different way of supporting our staff through training and development."

- TM & OD Manager, International Governmental Organisation

Here's what we recommend: provide your managers and leaders with one- to two-day high impact learning events when they need it.

And how to make these short bursts of development activity engaging and 'sticky' for executives who are already overloaded with things to do and people to see?

We believe that we have found the answer. Incorporate the following five principles in any and all of your learning events, making sure they are spread out over six months or longer in order to provide opportunities for repeated practice.

1. Start at the root: Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones before introducing new skills and behaviours.

2. Make it real and relevant: Work on actioning participants' real-world challenges and solving business issues.

3. Expand on existing strengths and capability: Tap into the 'wisdom in the room', put people in the driver's seat.

4. Leave traditional thinking behind: Offer non-traditional, unorthodox sources as new fountains of inspiration.

5. Appeal to the whole person: Create a holistic experience that embraces head, heart and guts, and provide time to reflect and digest the learning.

For further inspiration, take a look at Leadership By Design, a library of one- and two-day leadership development modules that have been newly designed or reframed according to the above principles to meet the needs of today's leaders.

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