Reinventing how we promote ourselves

Reinventing how we promote ourselves

Client Challenge: "My aspiration is to leave my current company and to obtain a senior management position in HR in a new organisation, bringing with me 30 years of HR experience.  My challenge now is how to ‘stand out from the crowd’ during the recruitment process and promote myself in a ‘Blue Ocean way’. 

In other words, how do I communicate my value in a unique way?  How do I step away from the executive research firms who all seem stuck in the traditional recruitment process? How do I find my own Blue Ocean?  I want to make a 180° flip and reinvent the way we land a job.” 

HR Manager, Manufacturing Industry 

We highly recommend that you work with a professional coach on the following four-step approach: 

Step One: Create a new ‘job-type’ 

Creating a "Blue Ocean” does not mean competing with other job-seekers by using more sophisticated ways than they do. It means expanding boundaries, which in your case is to create a new job. Can you imagine a job that would make the competition irrelevant and would represent value innovation for your future employer? 

Answer the following questions: Who are you? Why are you here? What is your cause? Who do you want to be at your job? What is your calling?” 

Step Two: Define your ideal working environment

In order to articulate your vision of your ideal working environment, buy a bunch of magazines, cut out photos, words or articles you are attracted to, and create a poster of your ideal working environment. Then take a step back and see what you have created.

Step Three: Reverse the process 

Instead of you pursuing a job that is advertised, you advertise yourself and pull interested employers towards you. We are hearing about the importance of building a Twitter profile for someone who is job-searching. With 30 years experience of HR, what can you tweet about that will showcase your experience and value to those you want to attract? If you don't know how to go about it, there are plenty of social media consultants who will help you. 

And how about getting others to promote you?

1. List 5 questions and pose them to 9 to 12 influential members of your professional network. Make the 5 questions interesting and maybe one or two quirky questions: ie if I were a musical instrument, what would I be…and why would that be useful for any new employer? What is the most memorable thing about me professionally? Which film star might be me in a movie about my life and why? 

2. Make sure that the 9 to 12 members are your network are well connected. We know that the best way to get interesting, well paid and innovative posts are through your network.

3. Once you have your answers, compile an 'alternative CV' including the quotes and/or answers and send each contributor a copy. Ask if they might know of any post or employer who might benefit from your talent and if so request that they forward the CV on your behalf. Be open to anything…new and risky projects, short term assignments, virtual assignments. All things lead somewhere.

Step Four: Bring it into current reality 

1. Develop in your own mind a clear sense of what it is you want to do so that you are sure of its efficacy and of the clear benefits (tried? tested? published?) that your 180 degree flip will bring so that you are both convincing and passionate. What is it about your approach that makes YOU so passionate? 

2. Use you 30 years experience in an industry with traditional approaches to imagine yourself in the position of an interviewer who is faced with an individual (you) who wants to turn the known world on its head. Ask yourself the question: what do I need to do to make my proposal more palatable? 

3. Convince by offering your proposition in the language of the traditional environment. That way, you may be listened to for long enough in order for you to be heard.  

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