Accelerating Team Performance

"Genuine teamwork in most organisations remains as elusive as it has ever been." Patrick Lencioni

We know that teams are increasingly the missing link between individual and organizational performance. We also know that teams are more complex, more diverse and more demanding to lead than ever before.

During a full day Team Alchemy event on board the HMS President on the Thames River in London, over 20 HR and business executives attended from a variety of industries such as financial services, health care, IT  and consulting. They were introduced to the team alchemy system, a new team-based approach as the dynamic and transparent governance structure for managing the complexities of the 21st century organisation.

Before the London event, we conducted a short anonymous 'vox pop' survey and focused on four questions:

  1. What tells you that you're in a team?
  2. How many times in your career have you been in a really high-performing team? What made it happen, or not?
  3. Will team performance be more or less important over the next two years?
  4. If you could improve team performance by 5% overnight, what would that look like?

Email us if you would like to know more about the team alchemy system or receive a free copy of our white paper Insights with the collective responses from the above 'vox pop' questions.