Our organisation's philosophy is based on the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy (2005):

  • challenge common sense thinking about what we know
  • implement alternative strategies to optimise business impact 

These principles allow us to break lose from traditional approaches to development, and to create fresh, new and highly memorable experiences.

New Leadership Challenges Require New Leadership Development

The Blue Ocean Company has identified four new design principles that meet the needs to today's leaders, and has redesigned all of its offerings accordingly.

Start at the root
Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones before introducing new skills and behaviours.

Make it real and relevant
Work on actioning participants' real-world challenges and solving business issues.

Expand on existing strengths and capability
Tap into the 'wisdom in the room', put people in the driver's seat, and create opportunities for repeated practice.

Leave traditional thinking behind
Offer non-traditional, unorthodox sources as new fountains of inspiration.


The Blue Ocean Company Design Canvas

The Design Canvas helps us to look at all the ways we can seek out and promote learning opportunities and create 'value innovation' for our clients:

  • Eliminate elements that have been around for ages 'just because...' but no longer add any value
  • Reduce barriers to learning and development    
  • Raise those factors that will increase learning retention
  • Create fresh, new, inspiring approaches that will get today's busy leaders excited about owning their own development
By applying our Design Canvas we are able to create holistic development experiences together with our clients that focus not only on maximising the participant experience.

We also address L&D issues that often surround development initiatives, such as motivating leaders to buy into development, and findings ways to sustain ongoing development against a backdrop of decreasing time and increasing work pressures.