Leading virtual meetings has become a daily activity for many of us, even though chances are that it is not something we enjoy doing.   

The Blue Ocean Company facilitated a Recipe for Success session, based on our brand new in-company programme called "Now We're Talking*: Leading Virtual Meetings with Skill and Confidence".  

Through lively discussion and small group work, the attendees discovered the five myths of leading virtual meetings, based on six years of research and practice in the field of virtual leadership:

  1. Face-to-face meetings are more effective than virtual meetings
  2. Mute everyone for the best audio quality
  3. Say your name before speaking
  4. Virtual meetings need to  be highly structured
  5. Always use video if available  
We also covered the principles of chairing meetings, guidelines for preparing for a virtual meeting, and the Task-Technology Matrix, and highly effective tool that helps virtual leaders to match the right communication technology to the task at hand.  

Email us for a free copy of the "Now We're Talking*" programme brochure, for a free copy of the Task-Technology Matrix, or for a free Webex recording of the 90-minute Blue Ocean Expert Series session.