Running Successful Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring programmes are not new. But there is one key factor that is needed for a super successful mentoring programme.

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New Tools for Collaborating Across Differences

Our Cultural Intelligence framework turns conventional thinking about dealing with differences on its head.

It promotes an 'inside-out' approach, whereby one can only understand the 'other' once one understands 'oneself'.

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Latest Research on Virtual Communication

New research by Blue Ocean Associates Fredrik Fogelberg and Sven Cune shows that being competent in using communication technologies is good, but that knowing which technology to choose to accomplish a specific task successfully is significantly better. 

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Five Myths of Leading Virtual Meetings

Leading virtual meetings has become a daily activity for many of us.

Nevertheless, chances are that it is not something we enjoy doing, mainly because we lack confidence or skill...or we haven't yet discovered the five myths of leading virtual meetings.

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Strategic Influencing in Northeast Asia

Working in teams that consist of internal team members and external partners is becoming the norm for many organisations.

As organisations transition to these new team structures, we see a new set of capabilities emerging around trust, respect and accountability.

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Mentoring: A Two-Way Street

Our client was looking for a fresh approach to their mentoring programme kick-off events that would ensure an energising start to the mentor/mentee relationship.

The answer was an innovative tool that provides mentors and mentees with a solid foundation for a successful learning alliance. 

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Accelerating Team Performance

We know that teams are more complex, more diverse and more demanding to lead than ever before.

This new environment demands a new approach called the team alchemy system, which is underpinned by 25 years of research and work with 800+ teams.

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250 Managers Develop Strategic Influencing Skills

So far, a total of 250 managers from a global biopharmaceutical have attended in-company workshops on strategic influencing in Europe, North America and Asia by The Blue Ocean Company.

Because of its global matrix, being skilled at building strong relationships and trust, rather than relying on status or position to get things done, is vital for success, both inside and outside the organisation.

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