Increasing Profitability Through Growth & Efficiency  


A leading global med-tech manufacturer was facing the challenge of delivering on a significant leap in profitability to match and surpass the leading companies in the industry.  Unlike many major transformations, the cost savings had to be found through reworking processes and growing turnover. They needed to make substantial changes in the business model and ways of working, while continuing to deliver new products to the market and grow market share.


Leadership and communication were identified as important drivers to manage the balance between the 'burning platform' and the 'burning ambition'. Through 360-degree assessments, individual coaching and leadership workshops throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, the behaviours of executives and change project managers were aligned to the need to sustain growth and make deep changes in the processes. For this project, breaking through historical assumptions and sacred cows about 'what is right for customers' and good business had to be challenged.


The client reached its ambitious targets the following year, and for the first time in over six years, employees started showing signs of pride and loyalty for the organisation despite having experienced major change. Market share has grown at a higher rate than competitors and the organisation is well on track to match and surpass competitor profitability levels.    

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