New Tools for Collaborating Across Differences

The Blue Ocean Company launched its Blue Ocean Expert Series with a 90-minute online session on the topic of Collaborating Across Differences.

HR professionals and business leaders attended the session from across Europe. Prior to the session, each delegate completed a two-question survey: what do they enjoy when working with people different from themselves, and what would they like to become better at. Responses ranged from 'learning how to better bridge the gaps between cultures and/or functions' to 'being able to take the other's perspectives into account before having to explicitly ask for them.'

The session focused on the Cultural Intelligence framework, which turns conventional thinking about dealing with differences on its head. It promotes an 'inside-out' approach, whereby one can only understand the 'other' once one understands 'oneself'.

Through plenary group discussions, concepts such as learning how to switch from 'autopilot' to 'manual control' were explored, as well as the three critical codes in organisations that provide deep insights into 'how things are done around here': appreciation, critique and decision-making.

In virtual break-out rooms, delegates worked in smaller groups of 3 to become more aware of their own biases by sharing 'core wisdoms' of their own family culture (or 'community') and how that community 'boundaries out' people from outside.

Back in plenary, everyone was introduced to an innovative board game that can be used during half- and full-day workshops with intact teams who need to work better together, or with groups of people who need to collaborate more effectively across functions, departments or with external partners.

Delegates particularly appreciated the new insights, the practicality of the tools presented, and the interactive group discussions in plenary and break-out rooms.

The Blue Ocean Expert Series consists of 90-minute online sessions that introduce new approaches to topics that are relevant to today's business and L&D community. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. The registration fee is €90. 

Email us if you would like to be kept up-to-date about future sessions, or would like to receive information about the above session.