Do you need help in developing stronger leaders, increasing team performance, or building a more inspiring corporate culture?

The Blue Ocean Company has been able to help numerous client organisations across all industry sectors solve different challenges. Whether you are looking for a company-wide change programme or executive coaching for an individual leader, The Blue Ocean Company can provide you with what you need, when you need it.

Our Team has worked for all industry sectors, for private and public organisations, and in all parts of the world. Here is a brief list of our clients:

The Airbus Group
BNP Paribas Fortis
Deutsche Bank
European Institutions
Johnson & Johnson

Procter & Gamble
UCB Pharma

Zurich Insurance

Retaining Current Business & Ensuring Growth

One of the UK's largest and oldest banks wanted to review its growth and retention strategy, ensuring that it could retain its base business in the face of fierce competition, while growing new business opportunities and revenue. 

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Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Our client, a leading telecommunications and technology company, had been formed by the merger and acquisition of four different companies.

In order to lift business performance and drive change, the building of a unified and customer-focused culture based on teamwork and collaboration between teams became a major priority.

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Strengthening the Product Development & Innovation Process

The leaders of an innovative global high-tech manufacturing company were faced with the increasing need to innovate and develop products globally through internal and external networks.

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Increasing Profitability Through Greater Efficiency

A leading global med-tech manufacturer was facing the challenge of delivering on a significant leap in profitability to match and surpass the leading companies in the industry.

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Building Alliances To Win New Business

Over many years, this innovative maritime technology organisation had to undergo huge fluctuations in design requirements of projects such as air craft carriers due to shifting UK politics.Stakeholders for these projects were not just in government but also other contract holders, shipyards, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and other suppliers.

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Increasing Strategic Scope To Uncover New Opportunities

A major player in the household appliances industry (consumer electronics) wanted to reinvent their business and strategic scope in order to keep the lead in the industry and tap in to unexplored business opportunities.

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