Strengthening the Product Development & Innovation Process


The leaders of an innovative global high-tech manufacturing company were faced with the increasing need to innovate and develop products globally through internal and external networks. Their complex model was more cost-effective and potentially more innovative, but significantly more difficult to manage. Leaders were struggling with issues such as delivering on-time, quality, integrating between development projects, and keeping customer needs at the center of the work.


We first identified the 'ideal' innovation culture and the current culture to determine the gap. This gap was then linked to business development needs to produce an overall 'levers for change' strategy. We also developed a comprehensive development initiative that would leverage strengths to a higher level of performance and drive successful innovation.


Firstly, a deeper understanding of the interdependencies in the innovation process started a shift from a highly introverted, expert-driven product development process to a more customer-centric process, requiring a completely different level of collaboration across the organisation.

Secondly, people realized that the biggest cultural barriers were not between national cultures but between functional and professional identities.

Thirdly, people learned to appreciate the different knowledge disciplines between each profession and find a common terminology for dealing with hand-overs and points of integration.

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