Leadership by Design

A library of leadership development modules designed to develop greater intellectual and social agility in leaders

With Leadership by Design, you can enhance your current development initiatives or create a brand new development track and target those competencies that will make a significant difference to performance.

Choose from 30 different one- or two-day modules, each of them newly designed or reframed according to our five design principles to meet the needs of today's leaders. Mix and match modules together according to the needs of your selected audiences and tailor them to your specific requirements.

Learning transfer can be further strengthened by on-the-job assignments, individual coaching, online peer discussion forums, as well as a powerful online learning transfer platform that maximises participation and makes it easy to demonstrate the return on your investment.

Leading Self

Leaders need to slow down and reflect on how their individual purpose links to their job, their team and the organisation, before being able to transform this reflection into making themselves and their teams the best they can be.

Through greater self-awareness, leaders can learn to be coherent between what they think and do. They can develop their auto-reflexivity, which is the ability to be conscious of their behaviours, to reflect on their impact, and to adjust as needed.

Leading Others

Due to the pace of change, leaders often struggle to make time for deeper dialogue, emotional connections and quality interactions.

But in order to achieve high performance and get things done, they need to be skilled at building and maintaining relationships, balancing control versus autonomy, and in working across differences.

Leading the Organisation

Organisations can be complex mazes with many turns, dead ends, quick routes and choices.

Leaders need to be able to see opportunities where there were none before, to influence from a position of trust instead of power, to resolve dilemmas through a dynamic and non-linear process that emphasises "both/and" rather than "either/or", and to manage ambiguity by considering the organisation from a holistic point of view, where everyone is interconnected and interdependent.

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