Strategic Influencing in Northeast Asia

Working in teams that consist of both internal team members and external partners is becoming the norm for many international organisations. And as organisations transition to these new team structures, we see a new set of capabilities emerging around trust, respect and accountability.

The net result is that to get things done, people need to be able to influence without authority. This is now a major success factor for contemporary leaders and their teams if barriers are to be removed and intra- and interpersonal behaviours around collaboration espoused.

Building on our strategic influencing and negotiation workshop roll-out in Europe and the US, The Blue Ocean Company tailored these workshops to the needs and culture of an Asian audience. A total of 40 participants from China, Korea and Japan from the regional Clinical Trial Team of a global pharmaceutical attended  two 2-day workshops in Tokyo, with on-the-job learning assignments in between the two events. Each workshop combined plenary sessions in English to encourage the exchange of ideas and networking across the full participant group, with smaller break-out groups working in English and Japanese.

Key objectives of the Strategic Influencing and Negotiations Workshop:

  • Build stronger relationships and trust, rather than relying on status or power to get things done
  • Apply practical tools to manage stakeholders and possibly conflicting interests
  • Understand and put into practice the best negotiation skills, techniques and behaviours for success

Key outcomes of the Project Leadership and Risk Management Workshop:

  • Develop your understanding of how behaviour, project leadership and risk management competencies influence project outcomes
  • Manage performance of external partners by letting go of control, focusing on outcomes instead of process, and building trust
  • Build a common understanding of managing risk when working with external partners and applying it in projects to be more successful

Email us if you would like to know more about either one of these workshops.