Building Alliances to Win New Business


Over many years, this innovative maritime technology organisation had to undergo huge fluctuations in design requirements of projects such as air craft carriers due to shifting UK politics.Stakeholders for these projects were not just in government but also other contract holders, shipyards, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and other suppliers.

As the organisation grew as a business, it became quite vulnerable due to its reliance on one significant customer. It needed to branch out globally to win work not only from foreign navies but also look for non-marine engineering projects.

The naval engineers and architects now had to look up from their CAD screens and start building alliances, find sponsors, win work and manage stakeholders in other industries and other governments/countries.


A leadership and management development programme was offered, along with specialist sections on internal and external influencing in a technical engineering and governmental environment, and most importantly, managing multiple stakeholders and sponsors in complex organisational entities. The programme has become essential to the organisation's ability to win new business.


In the last three years, the organisation has moved way beyond their one significant customer and has been winning a wide variety of engineering contracts in Turkey, Australia, South Korea and Norway. One of the programme graduates was the main influencer and contract winner of a design contract worth over € 47 million, ensuring the economic stability of the organisation for the next three years.

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