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Promoting Diversity in the Workplace

In October, The Blue Ocean Company launched a series of workshops for internal mentors as part of a company-wide Diversity Mentoring Programme. Each workshop features the Mentor+Game, an innovative game created by Senior Associate Kirsten M Poulsen, whereby mentors learn how to apply one of 10 Mentor Roles to best address different mentee situations. Read more

Developing Successful Communication Strategies 

On October 27, Senior Associate Jacqui Craig led a packed workshop at the ACTE/CAPA Aviation World Summit in Amsterdam. Over 800 professionals attended the conference. The workshop focused on how to communicate effectively with four different business behaviour styles as defined by Tony Alessandra in 'The Platinum Rule'. Download free self-assessment

Instilling Greater Intellectual and Social Agility in Leaders

Now HR and L&D professionals have immediate access to leadership development that is freshly tailored to today's leadership challenges. Using the Leadership By Design library of 30 modules, they can create their own development track in no time.  Read more