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"People want experiences that are relevant to their unique needs and that will help them improve performance.

Our learning initiatives are engaging exploratory experiences instead of one-menu-fits-all courses."

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Leadership By Design

In October, The Blue Ocean Company launched a new concept that will make it easier for HR and L&D professionals to enhance their current development initiatives or create completely new tracks with content that is freshly tailored to today's leadership challenges. Read more

Mentoring: a Strategic Development Activity

On November 16, The Blue Ocean Company facilitated a one-day kickoff event for 180 mentors and mentees from a global aircraft manufacturer. The highlight of the event was an innovative tool called the Mentor+Game. Read more

The Nr 1 Leadership Skill: lnfluencing Without Authority

On November 25, The Blue Ocean Company will initiate the first of four workshops in London and Boston on the topic of Influencing Without Authority for 100 employees at a global biopharmaceutical.