“A medical study showed that if doctors tell their seriously at-risk heart patients that they will die if they do not make changes to their personal lives (diet, exercise, smoking), only one out of seven is actually able to make those changes.”


Immunity to Change (Kegan & Laskow Lahey, 2009)

Beyond Skill and Will

The traditional formula for change doesn’t work.

Knowing what to do, how to do it, and why it is important will not bring about real change…even when your life depends on it.

What does work? First, replace the beliefs that drive our current, undesired behaviours with new beliefs that will drive new behaviours. Then, and only then, can we begin to change our behaviours and achieve new results.

Creating this mindset shift is fundamental to our work at The Blue Ocean Company.

This is our ‘Why’, our Purpose.

We even developed an online tool to help you take this first step. It’s fast and easy to use. Click here to access the refocus tool.

Discover. Grow. Achieve.

Like the roots of a tree, the drivers (mindset, beliefs, values) of our behaviours are hidden from view, yet they represent the centre of gravity for behavioural change.

Without nurturing the roots, the tree will not grow strong and bear fruit.

Our work at The Blue Ocean Company is focused on helping clients discover their mindset, which builds self-awareness and self-confidence. It is then easier to adopt new behaviours to become more effective and fulfilled at work.

In this way, development is much more grounded and sustainable.

More impact, greater results

Billions of euros and dollars are spent every year on leadership development, and yet most organisations claim that their programmes do not meet expectations.

At The Blue Ocean Company, we make it easier for participants to apply their learning back in the workplace in a sustainable way through our unique Discover-Grow-Achieve approach.


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