Break lose from traditional approaches to learning and development.

Our approach is based on the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy (2005, Kim and Mauborgne):

  • Challenge common sense thinking about what we know
  • Seek out alternative strategies to optimise business impact


These principles allow us to break lose from traditional approaches to learning and development, and to create fresh, new, highly impactful initiatives that help shift leaders and teams from aspiration to action to results.

organisational change starts with the individual

Find out how our approach enables your employees to become more skilled and fulfilled at work, which is the basis for a healthy work environment and a profitable bottom line.

Take a virtual deep dive with us below (it’s only 90 seconds and you won’t get wet!).

New Challenges Require New Solutions

The Blue Ocean Company has identified six design principles that meet the particular needs of today’s workforce and work environment. Individually, these principles are common sense. Used together, they become a powerful formula for sustainable behavioural change.

Start at the Root

Replace disempowering drivers of behaviour, such as certain beliefs and assumptions, with empowering ones that will drive new behaviours.

Keep it Real and Relevant

Work on actioning participants’ real-world challenges and business issues. Bring their world into the ‘classroom’, instead of pulling them out of theirs.

Expand on Existing Strengths

Tap into the ‘wisdom in the room’ and encourage input from participants. Put people in the driver’s seat of their change process and create real ownership for development.

Leave Traditional Thinking Behind

Offer unusual sources of inspiration to make developmental experiences more rich. We remember best what touches us emotionally.

Gain Commitment for Growth

Help participants — and their managers — understand what’s in it for them, and for their organisation, before they begin the development journey.

Measure and Sustain

What gets measured, gets done. Assess progress regularly and build an internal support network to sustain the new mindset and skillset.

Creating Value Innovation

The Blue Ocean Design Canvas, used together with our six design principles, helps us to create value innovation for our clients by:

  • Eliminating elements that no longer add value
  • Reducing barriers to learning and development
  • Raising elements to increase retention
  • Creating new elements to facilitate application

This approach not only ensures high impact initiatives, but also addresses various L&D issues, such as engaging participants’ managers in the development process.


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