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Use these videos to inspire yourself, your team and your organisation.


Videos convey not just facts, but emotions as well. Make an emotional connection, and people are more willing to act.

That’s why we love to include short videos in our development programmes to illustrate learning points and to deepen understanding.

Now you can enjoy a new video every month, selected from our all-time favourites. Use them to inspire yourself, your team and your organisation.

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Dare to take that first step (July 2019)

Fear of not being good enough is something most of us experience every now and then. What matters is how we deal with this fear. Great message for leaders who need to take action in the midst of change and uncertainty. (video 1.28)

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Too many notes (June 2019)

A hilarious example of how NOT to give feedback. What can we learn from this scene? Sign up for our free monthly video blog and discover the five reasons why the emperor gets it so wrong. (video 1.39)

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Communicate to connect (May 2019)

A great example of how we can communicate effectively with anyone, regardless of their personality, language, cultural background etc, if we make a real effort. (video 1:31)

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