New developmental experiences that stretch you in challenging and positive ways.

Research confirms that leadership influences a climate of motivation, innovation and productivity by as much as 50% to 70%. This is why we focus on the development of leaders: leading self, leading others and leading the organisation.

And because so many of our clients have “seen and done it all” before, we pride ourselves in offering non-traditional developmental experiences that stretch them in challenging and positive ways. 

Transformational Leaders

Leaders are expected to lead effectively in an environment of constant change, speed and ambiguity, which requires intellectual and social agility.

Collaborative Teams

Real team performance goes beyond team borders. Teams need to collaborate across teams and with external stakeholders in order to deliver the best results.

Strength-based Cultures

To get people to actively drive organisational strategy, focus on replicating existing strengths and building new ones, instead of relying on the traditional fix-the-problem approach.

What we do best

Our consultants, coaches and facilitators offer a wide range of expertise areas, each one featuring a ‘Blue Ocean’ angle that is fresh, inspiring and impactful.



Agile, Digital, VUCA 


Collaborative, Cross-cultural, Virtual 


Influencing, Negotiation, Relationship Management 


Ethics & Compliance, HR as Business Partners, Finance for Non-Financial Managers 


Diversity, Generational Management, Mentoring 


Executive, Team, Leader as Coach 

Online Learning Platform

The Blue Ocean Company offers a state-of-the-art online learning platform to augment the impact of face-to-face development initiatives.

The platform is built on behaviour change science and powered by micro learning and artificial intelligence. It is designed specifically to encourage participants to apply and act on what they learn.


  • Dynamic word cloud: Connects people and ideas around key themes – both challenging and confirming your own thinking.
  • Intelligent matching: A neural net algorithm connects participants with relevant content from a platform database.  No more irrelevant material.
  • Actions and reflection: Participant-selected accountability and peer validation built into workflow.  It is about what you do, not what you know.
  • Human interface: Short snappy video instructions and prompts are embedded throughout the process.

Leadership By Design

Everything we do is customised to the needs of our clients. We do not offer any open enrollment programmes.

However, to make it easy for our clients to create a brand new leadership development track, or to enhance their current leadership development programme, we created Leadership By Design.

Leadership By Design is a library of 30 two-day modules, divided into three sections: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading the Organisation.

Each module can be fully customised to your requirements. Mix and match modules according to the needs of your selected audience and target those competencies that will make the biggest impact on performance. 

Increase your ROI ten-fold by including our game-changing Online Learning Platform (see above) that enables participants to radically close the knowing-doing gap through adaptive learning technology. 

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