ReFocus-in-Action Tip #3: Create New Habits

Create New Habits with W.O.O.S.H.

Visualisation is a great technique for goal achievement. What makes it even more effective is when you not only visualise achieving your goal, but also visualise overcoming obstacles that stand in the way.

 To help maximise your success, The Blue Ocean Company developed the W.O.O.S.H. technique. It is a systematic way to increase motivation and change behaviour.

Use your W.O.O.S.H. Planner for every day of the week.

“Positive thinking is just not enough. You need to complement it with a healthy sense of reality.”

Gabriele Oettingen, creator of WOOP

Using Mental Contrasting to Change Behaviour 

The W.O.O.S.H. technique is based on Dr. Gabriele Oettingen’s WOOP technique (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan). Mental contrasting of a positive with a negative is scientifically proven as the most effective way to create new habits.

The Blue Ocean Company added a critical fifth step that asks how successful you were and what, if anything, needs to be adjusted to be more successful next time.

Learning from what doesn’t work and changing your approach until it does work is what really makes you succeed long term.

WHAT’S your next step?

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