ReFocus-in-Action Tip #2: Find Your Key Motivator

Boost your motivation instantly

Being successful at change is less about capability and more about motivation.

But because motivation goes up and down, it’s important to plan for how you handle times when you feel unmotivated.

An effective strategy is to attach a key motivator to each one of your goals, a deeply-held, underlying reason for why achieving that goal is important to you.

Your key motivator will serve as your personal compass to keep you on track as you continue to make changes in your thinking and behaving every day.


“Find your WHY and you’ll find your WAY.”

John C. Maxwell

Have a plan to tackle those ‘slip days’

We all know that it’s almost impossible to feel highly motivated every day. Motivation goes up (surges) and down (slips). We have no control over it. Or do we?

We can control our levels of motivation by identifying our key motivators and keeping them top of mind when we’re in a slip.

Use the Key Motivator Worksheet to identify a key motivator for each one of your goals. It’s based on a powerful technique that helps you shift from ideas to deeply held values.

Interesting tip from Simon Sinek: doing this exercise with someone else usually results in different key motivators than the ones you would come up with on your own. Check it out by teaming up with one of our ReFocus Coaches (see below).


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