“We are experiencing a high turnover of talent, just when we are about to launch a breakthrough product in the market place. Exit interviews have revealed that these employees are leaving the organisation because they no longer trust their managers. Management is described as lacking people management skills.” 

– VP HR, Global Healthcare Organisation


It is not unusual to find managers in organisations who have been promoted from individual contributor or specialist to a management position, without having had the opportunity to develop a new set of people management skills. So the very first step is to help these managers become more self-aware of their own personality type (which underpins their management style) and the impact they have on others.

There are many different approaches to create greater self-awareness of personality types, but we believe that none is as powerful and memorable as our unique method that incorporates NLP, transactional analysis and systemic thinking. Since its creation in 1999, more than 1500 managers have successfully applied this method.

The more prominent feature of our method is the use of masks from the Commedia dell’Arte. Each mask represents a theatrical character with its excessive aspects, both positive and negative.

We all use various ‘masks’ in our daily lives, in very unique and personal configurations. By wearing the masks during role plays, participants are able to embody different personality types and experience the impact each type has on others. Participants quickly gain a deep understanding of their own type and a greater acceptance of other types in a fun and non-threatening way. They also practice ways to deal with potentially sensitive situations when encountering personality types different from their own.

Our method is actually a management tool that helps managers not only to gain greater self-awareness of their impact, but also to become more skilled in managing others and in leveraging diversity for higher performance.

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