Refocus Tool

Step out of your status quo and step into action.

Do you have a goal you want to achieve, but somehow you haven’t been able to achieve it?

Often our beliefs — the stories we tell ourselves to be true — hold us back from achieving our goals, from being who we want to be, from living the life we want to live.

Don’t wait any longer. Use the ReFocus Tool to replace any limiting beliefs you may have with empowering ones, so that you can step out of your status quo and step into action.

All you need is 20 minutes of quiet time. And rest assured that your input is completely confidential.

The ReFocus Tool is in effect a results-oriented “virtual coach”. It provides a clear path to a solution that was hidden inside us, but simply needed to come to the surface through a structured and powerful technique.

Bachar Samawi

Founder & CEO, Bachar Samawi Ventures | Bachar Samawi Innovations

We all know that changing behaviours and developing new habits takes time.

Therefore, once you complete the ReFocus Tool and request a PDF to be emailed to you, you will also receive three practical tips to keep you motivated and on track.

Each tip features an introductory video and a downloadable worksheet.

How it Works


Answer the questions

Identify up to four actions you can take towards achieving your goal.

Take action

Start making changes in your life with the help of a three-week Support Programme and ReFocus-in-Action worksheets.

Get support

Refine your strategy with the help of a professional ReFocus Coach.  

While following the steps in the ReFocus Tool, it ‘pushed’ me to stretch my thinking. I ended up with some interesting new insights and a concrete action plan. This will support me to work on a limiting belief I have when trying to accomplish a personal goal.

Ramon van Knippenberg

Group Talent Manager, Atos

A user-friendly and fun tool that motivates you to go beneath the surface and confront your own limits, i.e. the stories we keep telling ourselves that prevent us from undertaking a new journey. The tool is also a pragmatic approach to support individual coaching.

Tania Haboucha

Group Head of Leadership & Executive Talent Development, Econocom

Simple and powerful, the tool helps me to see what’s right for me. The last time I used it, I found myself on the other side of the globe having an experience that grounded me even more in what I’m here to do in the world.

Nuket Veral

Leadership and Executive Coach

When I first came across the Refocus Tool, I was wary because I didn’t want to discuss my challenges publicly. But I found that it was completely confidential and I could do it on my own, in my own private space. And the Tool used my own thinking — not someone else’s — to refocus my approaches to work. I now have a better understanding of what I have to do to improve my skills and succeed in business.

Rafael Pizarro

CEO, Arpy Media Consulting USA

Change your focus. Change your life.

Refocusing is fundamental to The Blue Ocean Company’s development initiatives because it is the first step in turning aspirations into action.

Our ReFocus Tool is based on game-changing models such as cognitive reframing by Aaron Beck (1960), paradigm shifts by Thomas Kuhn (1962), double loop learning by Chris Argyris (1985), immunity to change by Kegan and Lahey (2009) and the methodology of Karim Benammar (2012).

All of these models encourage us to think more deeply about our mindset, beliefs and assumptions, and how they may be preventing us from doing great things.

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